More than 20 years of experience

Patients can take off the removable appliances themselves, but it is their responsibility to put them back in. They are worn exclusively by children, after which the treatment should be continued with a fixed appliance.

Monomaxillary removable appliances hold on to one jaw and respective teeth with purpose to maintain the existing condition so it does not deteriorate, or to expand the dental arch and align the teeth to some extent.

Bimaxillary removable appliances embrace both jaws. The most common version is designed to bring the lower jaw into the anterior position (forward) stimulating it to grow faster with both skeletal and dental effect. To simplify, we use them to correct the bite and work on the alignment of the teeth. However, fixed appliance that precisely aligns each tooth is necessary to achieve a beautiful and harmonious smile.

The right timing of the beginning of an orthodontic treatment is just as important for the success as the treatment plan.